TNCC Course Information

The TNCC Provider Course is intended for nurses working in any setting and who come into contact with patients who have suffered a traumatic injury.

Through the two components of the course – lecture and skill station components – the Registered Nurse will learn a systematic approach to assessing, stabilizing and treating the trauma patient.  This internationally recognized course concludes with a testing session that consists of a multiple choice theory examination and tested skill station.  This course is an excellent review for the experienced nurse and a sound framework for a nurse new to the Trauma or Emergency setting.

Using the ‘Trauma Nursing Process’ as a backbone, the course teaches the fundamentals of mechanism of injury, trauma assessment, shock, and critical interventions for the seriously injured patient.  It further goes into the specifics of trauma for every body system and population including: Brain and Cranial Trauma, Thoracic and Neck Trauma, Abdominal Trauma, Spinal Cord and Vertebral Column Trauma, Musculoskeletal Trauma, Surface & Burn Trauma, Trauma in Pregnancy, Pediatric Trauma, and Geriatric Trauma.

This course has been developed and is maintained by the Emergency Nurses’s Association (ENA) in the United States .  The course is licensed and maintained in Canada by the National Emergency Nurses’ Association (NENA).  Only Registered Nurses are eligible to obtain certification as TNCC Providers.

Included in the course fee are an excellent textbook, ENA certificate registration fee and Canadian certification registration fee.  At most courses in British Columbia, morning coffee and snacks are provided – lunch is usually not provided.

The course is offered in 16 hours. Most often as a two-full-day format but occasionally as two half-days with one full-day in between due to travel considerations to more remote areas.  There are courses being held around British Columbia at various times of the year.

Only Registered Nurses can be certified in TNCC.  We welcome inquiries from other professionals or students who wish to audit the course as well.

Please view our upcoming course schedule here.