Assistance With EPICC Online Modules

You have been sent to this page because you've reported difficulties with accessing the EPICC online modules.  Please try the following steps as some first-line assistance and someone will be in touch as soon as possible to make sure you've got access and help you further.

1. Can you access the website at all?

You will know if you can access the website because you will get to the home page.  A general screenshot of the home page is below (it should look something like this).

If you CAN NOT access the website, do the following:

  • Ensure you are using the most current version of Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome (note: most health authorities do NOT use the most recent version of web browsers...this may be your problem)
  • Clear your browser cache and history
  • Close your browser and restart your computer

If you can still not connect and receive a error that states that the website has timed out or connection has been refused this is likely because your internet connection attempted to attack the website (doesn't mean you...just your connection).  The Provider we use then blocks your internet connection.  Go to and send the IP address to and we will have it unblocked.

2. You can access the home page but can not login

Click on Login, and choose Lost Password.

You will receive an email to your email address with a link to reset your password.  The email may go to your spam folder so make sure you check there if you don't receive it.  Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser.

The system will take you to a page with a new complicated password suggested.  You can retype over this password with one that you will remember. 

Click to save your new password.  You can then attempt to login again.

Still doesn't work?  Clear your browser cache and history as detailed above and try logging in again.

Go to and copy down you IP address and email it to along with what you have tried, what screens you can get to and which step seems to fail.

3. You can login but can't find content

Scroll to the bottom of the homepage.  You will see the course listed there.

Once in the course, you will find the instructions on navigating.  To return to the homepage, click on the prn Education logo.  On the right column you may see multiple courses listed.  If you choose a course that you are not registered for, you may see the contents but won't be able to access it.  Make sure you choose the course you are registered for or you will likely think the system "isn't working" but you're actually trying to view the wrong course.