Advanced Care in Emergency Departments (ACED) - Pre-Course Instructions

You found it!  These are the pre-course instructions for the ACED course.


There is no formal pre-reading for the course.  As this is an advanced course, there is a expectation that you will be slightly familiar with some of the concepts.  If there is something that you would like to 'brush-up' on before the course, we suggest hemodynamics (pre-load, afterload, contractility) and ventilation (basic ABG analysis, basic ventilator modes).  This is in no-way a requirement but reviewing your school notes from years past might make some of the concepts a bit easier.  Our goal, though, is to make the learning accessible to you no matter your level of experience and our course staff will strive to help you understand whatever you want to learn.

At The Course...

It is important to us that we make the course as engaging and fun as possible.  For this reason, we will be using some technology throughout the session.  This will require you to do some work at home beforehand in order to participate fully.

We will be using an App called "Poll Everywhere".  You will use your phone to play along with the App.  There are three different ways to use the App at the course that will be detailed here - you can choose which one you want to do (and yes, one of the options will even work with an 'ol flip phone...we know you're out there)!

Option #1 - The Poll Everywhere App - For Your Smartphone

This is an App that you download to your device BEFORE coming to the course.  At the course, this app will use a small amount of data (so if you don't have a data plan, don't use this option).

It is available for iPhone and Android Devices.

iTunes App Store - Click Here

Google Play Store - Click Here

Option #2 - The Poll Everywhere Website - For Your Smartphone

This is a website that you will open in your phone's browser.  TO tes it beforehand, open your phone's browser and go to  You should see a "Poll Everywhere" screen with two options - I'm Participating and I'm Presenting.  If you see these, you're good to go - we will go to the next step at the course.

Option #3 - Poll Everywhere Text Messaging - For Your Smartphone (No Data Plan) or Flip phone

If you are going to use this option, you will set this up when you arrive at the course.  It will work on any phone with a text messaging plan.  For those of you with smartphones WITH a data plan, this option may appear easier but it will not be as visually appealing for you, so we recommend option 1 or 2.

And finally...

Be ready and willing.  You will have the most success at the course if you arrive ready to challenge yourself.  This is not only in a clinical context but also be ready to challenge your communication style, leadership skills and past way of doing things.  We hope to challenge you during the course and leave you inspired to return to your workplace to continue to provide the best care possible to your patients.

If you have any questions before the course, please do not hesitate to contact us at