Second Development Session Completed! January 19 2016

Building on the feedback from both the English and French Test Groups, it was off to the Laurentian Mountains of Québec for five more days of refining the curriculum and finalizing the learning activities.

We left with a completed course outline, all activities completed and the majority of the administrative framework in place.  

...and nothing beats a bunch of brainstorming...and luckily Mélanie just happens to be doing her PhD in Adult Learning and Assessment Methods!  Don't want an exam?  Guess what, neither did we.  We think that nurses will really enjoy the assessment method being used in the program and our hope is that is won't only evaluate EPICC performance but help learners leave with a plan for their continued development.

The creativity didn't stop there though.  Brian may be a man of few words but when they come out, they are genius.  Some of the activities and methods of learning from this guy are unlike anything we've seen at other courses and we feel will really help us all learn in a different way.

Certainly after five days at the same table there was a need for some relief.  The folks from the West Coast certainly weren't ready for -20 degrees but we pushed through and managed to get Monique into some traditional snowshoes for the first time in her life!


Next steps...complete the online content and get everything looking good for the Western Test Course on February 13-14, 2016 at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, BC.