ACED – Advanced Care in Emergency Departments

We are very excited to have developed the Advanced Care in Emergency (ACED) course, designed to take the Emergency Nurse to the next level in their practice. Built around the concept of “the professional nurse”, students will learn how to challenge themselves, their knowledge and their practice to be confident that they are providing the best care possible to their patients.

Brief Program Description

This two-day program covers the following topics:

  • Personality Styles – What’s your style and how do you communicate with other styles?
  • Research – Evaluating research and implementing it into your practice
  • Hemodynamics – Case studies illustrating hemodynamics and the interventions that help or hinder
  • Ventilation – Gas, Gasses and Gasser (Air/Blood/Ventilator) in an easy to understand format
  • 30 in 30! – 30 Evidence-based practice tidbits that you should be doing now or stopping immediately…
  • Scope of Practice – A term everyone throws around...but do you really understand it?
  • Leadership – Of self, others and systems…
  • Conflict, Stress and Mentorship – Just another day at the office!
  • Brain Games – The subtlety of neurologic signs, symptoms and deterioration
  • Rules – Truly understand the Ankle, Knee, Head and many other rules…
  • 6-Pack Abdomen – 6 Cases to discuss conditions and diagnostic testing
  • Winning or Losing? – How to know if you’re patient is getting overall better or worse
  • ‘Yer Outta Here! – The fundamentals of being the RN escorting a patient on the road to another facility

In addition to the above, we cover various other concepts and skills throughout the course:

  • Priming ART/CVP Lines, drawing blood from them and troubleshooting waveforms
  • Hands-On with the Ventilator – the basics of set-up, checks, alarms and troubleshooting
  • Applying various “Rules” – Ankle, Knee, CT Head, etc.
  • IV Fluids – Which ones do what?

We didn’t learn this through lectures…and neither will you!

A fundamental concept in the course is that it be engaging and non-threatening. There are multiple activities used to achieve the teaching objectives – case studies, group discussions, scenarios and even some creative use of your mobile phone! No pre-reading required and no exam at the end. Participants will leave with a “clinical cheatbook” with the important points to take home and their notes from class contained within. 

As with our other programs, we will run courses anywhere!  If you would like to book a course at your facility, please fill out our contact form.